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Organizational goals today are defined by the need to eliminate waste and enhance productivity, thereby ensuring effective delivery of products and customer satisfaction. Lean, which was first adopted successfully by the production industry, is fast gaining acceptance in the software industry as a methodology which will help streamline processes and cut costs

Lean and Kanban aim to improve lead time and reduce bottlenecks, thus delivering goods on time without overshooting budgets or time considerations. KnowledgeHut’s intensive 8-hour program will initiate you into the world of Lean and Kanban. You will learn about the principles that drive the methodology and how to successfully adopt them for better outcomes. The other topics included in this session will be: Waste in software, Value stream mapping, Lead time and Cycle time, among several others.

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Course Curriculum

Agile Methodology 101
Agile Manifesto/Principals 00:00:00
Scrum Vs Kanban 00:00:00
Kanban 101
Kanban Board 00:00:00
Kanban Implementation 00:00:00
Kanban Best Practices 00:00:00
Advanced Kanban
Kanban Case Studies 00:00:00
Apply Kanban Techniques 00:00:00
Measure Productivity/Kanban Metrices 00:00:00

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